Friday, January 1, 2016

Top 10 Highly Mockable Posts of 2015

Happy New Year. Ready to start dreaming of Season 3? Before we do, let't look back one last time at Season 2, which is just a fuzzy, knocker-filled, crazy momma memory at this point for me.

If you somehow missed all my great season 2 recaps, laugh with them here. But if you just want to hit the lowlights of The Valley and my awesome commentary, see below the top 10 posts of 2015.

#10 - 10 Things Not in The Valley Gift Bag
Coincidentally, the 10th most popular post has the number 10 in its title. I later got a REAL The Valley gift bag when I met the show's producer.

#9 -Who has the Biggest Cajones? (S2:E10)
I will take a wild guess that maybe this image had something to do with this post's popularity.

After I wrote about The Valley gift bag, Executive Producer Steve Bailey gave one to me!

#7 -Does Sol Meditate in the Woods? (S2:E5)
We find out that Sol has a suburban-based spiritual advisor. And Ellis is too good for this show.

#6 -More Boring than DeGraff (S2:E4)
Poor Nathan doesn't even get to be in the clothesline photo and then when he is in an episode he is really bored. And Ellis is too good for this show.

#5 -Highly Mockable Dayton Television
Local blogger is invited to appear on Living Dayton, also produced by Executive Producer Steve Bailey, and creates her own highly mockable local programming.

#4 -Awesome College Stories About Barf (S2:E2)
After sharing vomit stories over lunch, the ladies head to tea and the guys hit a water park.

#3 -A Ship Storm of Talent (S2:E3)
The cast goes on a houseboat weekend. I recommend reading this to some great disco music.

#2 -The Case of the Nip Slip and the Missing Gay (S2:E1)
This was the first post and easily my best headline.

...and the top post of 2015...

#1 - The Hard is What Makes it Great (S2:E6)
I have no idea why this is such a popular post. This post has 8 times as many views as the number 10 post. Is it Nathan's meet-up with Cincinnati Councilman Chris Seelbach? The canoe trip and accompanying nip photo? Noelle visiting the Dayton Dragons? [no]. Whatever it is, lots of people clicked on this post. So enjoy.

Tell me in the comments, which one was your favorite?

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