Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Valley Recap: A Lot You Can Do In The Woods (S2:E11)

Welcome back to Dayton Valley Talk! If you haven't already, check out my hilarious recaps of earlier episodes.

The Valley is a Dayton-produced reality show, featuring favorite players from Season 1 and a set of new 18-24 year-olds who are STILL deathly afraid of heights. Everyone has something to prove. So what’s your story?

The cast includes:
Aaron: Chickens out
Noelle: Conquers her fears
Ryan: Dates Alexys
Casey: Hates spiders, heights and cats - in that order
Don B (not pictured): Produces a song
Alexys (not pictured): Gets her hair done
Ally (not pictured): Sings a song

Last episode: We learned Casey and I both have terrible fears [hatred] of cats and that Sol is planning to put her whiny voice on the radio [yeah]. We got a great crotch shot of the boys and Ally and Alexys took a ride on Daddy's private jet.

Theme song: “Do you have what it takes?” To do an obstacle course in the trees? To feed a giraffe? To sing a song about spring break? To kiss Alexys in public?

First Adventure: Go Ape adventure in Louisville
Noelle, Casey, Aaron, and Ryan do a tree top obstacle course.

Aaron: "I don't do heights."

Noelle: "I didn't know what we were in for. All I could see was woods and there is a lot you can do in the woods."

They strap on harnesses.

Casey: "My fear of heights is not more than spiders." What about CATS?

Aaron chickened out and didn't do the last jump.

Second Adventure: Cincinnati Zoo
Ryan and Alexys go on a date. This is their first date alone since she got back from her summer study abroad in England.

The feed the giraffes.
Alexys: "I am a giraffe whisperer."

Not a lot of high intellect when these two talk:
Alexys: "I hate birds. I killed a chicken. 

Ryan interview: "Oh bleeeeep." Laughing hysterically.

Alexys: "Someone let me hunt a chicken, one of theirs."

Alexys is now going to UK. She was a Xavier cheerleader.

They are not planning a long-distance relationship. No word on what Ryan will be doing after summer is over.

Alexys: "This has been the best summer of my life."

They see a monkey reading a map [?]

Third Adventure: International College of Broadcasting
Ally and Don B go his school to record an Ally original in the studio.

Don B doesn't "do" country but he still wants the opportunity to produce.

Ally sings an original song about spring break.

Fourth Adventure: Bella Rey Salon
Alexys goes to see her "real BAE," her hairdresser. 

She is getting her hair dyed.

Aaron crashes her hair appointment and brings her a monkey puppet.

He makes the mistake of kissing her.

Alexys: "I HATE PDA. I barely tolerate hand-holding."

Next time Chris "invites" everyone to Put-in-Bay to par-tay! Noelle gets very sick. Please, PLEASE tell me that this is the last episode. Please.

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