Thursday, September 10, 2015

Public Figures

Since this blog's stock and trade is mocking a local reality show, imagine my relief when it was confirmed that all the "stars" of The Valley Season 2 are now "public figures," at least on Facebook.

Let's check 'em out, shall we.

There's Ally from Season 1, who LOVES alpacas.

My bud from Season 1, Nathan, who I'm sure is having a blast in the warm non-judgmental embrace of Cincinnati as a gay from the country.

Chris the virgin from Season 1 (I know, I didn't believe it either) who, based on their promotional video, may have gotten past that.  Not sorry Chris that your dumb PSA never aired.

Oh, let's not forget about Donald from Season 1 who always wears a shirt in the promos. Let's hope the wardrobe department does a better job this year of providing him with clothes with images that don't need to be blurred.

Alexys from Season 1 is the famous one, or at least the one that Daytons CW trots out to do the more extended promotions and the one who usually doesn't get cropped out of the billboards.

Casey is new to Season 2 and was a self-described "teen dream" in high school. Her favorite book is N/A, so there's a ringing endorsement for the University of Dayton.

Season 2 also welcomes Sol who apparently was actually given the password to her "public figure" Facebook account and has used it to post many selfies.

Pictured above and new for Season 2 is actor/model Aaron who seems so far like an actually decent person but I am afraid he may be this season's Nathan. Not because of the (probably?) gay; I am cool with that, but just because ANNOYING.

Noelle from Season 2 also calls herself a model/actress. Based on her Facebook humble bragging, it may seem like she is actually successful in her endeavors, which leads me to wonder what she is doing here.

Season 2 also features Ryan (pictured above) who also seems fairly normal. He was also given the password to his Facebook account and seems excited about the show.

Ellis is no Donald but he'll do for Season 2. Favorite Book: I don’t read. Go Raiders!

So that's the cast for Season 2. We are only days away from seeing what out-of-town adventures they will have in their Dayton reality show debut!

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